Online Ads and Customer Service

We recently had to book a quite large online campaign using only text-ads (which I prefer much more compared with that nasty banner ads) and decided to try out the text ads on Technorati and BlogAds, beside the standard Google Adwords.

I thought that Technorati's Business model is very much as Google's, relying very much on ad revenue. I contacted them twice, using their very own contact form. No response. Then I tried to contact them via email. No response. Well, seems like they have enough ads already running.

A complete different story is BlogAds. Used their online interface, works like a charm (although the selection interface could use a bit more iTunes like functionality, with search as you type and categorisation), had the ads online, got an email from Nicole, an employee of BlogAds, she had advice on how to improve the clickthrough rate, asked if she could help, had suggestions for other blogs that could be interesting, and so on. That is customer service.

Probably beeing a techfocused company with only few people in sales is a drawback, at least in the long run.
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#   20. Jan, 19:10   docvoo
not that i really care but did you notice that the whole staff of technorati is male...
#   20. Jan, 21:12   chris
sunshine is female.
#   23. Jan, 15:40   docvoo
ah yes. the dog. i am sorry.
#   24. Jan, 18:04   chris
reisst sie wahrscheinlich auch nicht raus ;-)
#   26. Jan, 19:41   maximus
i can also reccomend, although they did not chose me for a job I applied for, they seem to be very professional.
#   20. Jun, 14:39   Zagmir
Eine wunderbare Seite! Jedes mal finde Ich etwas neues und interessantes. Danke fuer Ihre Arbeit.
#   21. Jun, 23:11   smi
das freut mich.